Ensure relaxed guests with smooth entry management

Your event is about to start and visitors are flocking to your event? With fast admission, your guests start your event in a good mood and full of anticipation. EVENTIM.Light supports you with a free ticket scan app for effortless access control.

Simple Access Control with Ticket Scan App

Just like ticket sales, admission should also run like clockwork. From quick access control with our free ticket scan app to analysis and optimisation of the admission process for the next event, EVENTIM.Light offers you many advantages.

  • Free ticket scan app for iOS & Android
  • Scan with an unlimited number of devices simultaneously
  • Clearing made easy
  • Always have an overview of the capacity utilisation
  • Analyse & optimise your admission process

Scan like a pro with our ticket scan app

With our free EVENTIM.Access scan app, you can easily check tickets at the entrance with your smartphone. The app shows you immediately whether the ticket is valid or whether the person is already at your event.

Keep track of the admission progress

Always keep an exact overview of the admission process. The scan app shows you directly how many tickets have already been scanned. The reporting in your EVENTIM.Light account also gives you a detailed insight into the admission process. For example, you can see at what time the rush was particularly high, how many people are already there and which ticket categories were scanned how often. With the help of this data, you can improve the process on site or optimise admission for future events.

Frequently asked questions about entry management via ticket scan app